Digital Marketing Services

Our philosophy is to focus on the audience, which is a brand’s greatest resource. This means finding the right digital audience for e-commerce businesses with the eye on building an audience to sustain the business in the long-term.

The services we offer are typically packaged based on our approach, which combines Content, Campaign and Analytics.

If you’re interested to learn more about what we do, below is a list of services we’ve offered clients based on each specific marketing discipline.

Mix and match these services depending on the needs of your business.

Marketing Strategy

Identify your target audience

Defining your target audience means figuring out who will likely buy from you and building a persona helps to focus your efforts on what matters.

Analyze the competitive market

Understanding the industry landscape, as well as what your competitors are doing is crucial to an effective business strategy.

Plan a strategic marketing framework

A strategic marketing framework involves integrating your media channels, including paid, owned, and earned, to make your brand more cohesive and set up your business for future growth.

Social Media Marketing

Develop your social media strategy

Tackle your brand goals by engaging with audiences on social media. We will help you step by step to identify your social media goals, engage audiences and optimize your results.

Create social media content

Create social media content that provide the greatest value. You want engagement, virality, retweets, likes, shares, followers, and all the other good things that come to social media marketers.

Streamline your social media accounts

Evaluate your social media management doesn’t increase your customers or promote sales.

Campaign Management

Set up a campaign

Plan and prepare for your marketing campaigns by setting it all up correctly on the platforms you are using.

Manage your ads

Run targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. to make sure you are reaching the right audience.

Strategize your campaigns

Think ahead and develop key campaigns in the near future based on learnings from past campaigns.

Content Marketing

Write blog posts for your website

Publish high-value content regularly to engage your customers and enable seek you.

Develop long-form content for your brand

Long-form content helps establish credibility and can also be used as a lead magnet for prospects.

Manage your content library

Improve your content library with key creative assets so you can plan for a content strategy.

Marketing Analytics

Track your website visitors

Set up tracking mechanisms such as Google Analytics to learn from your website visitors.

Monitor your campaigns

Reach key business goals through marketing by making sure your campaigns are aligned with strategy.

Optimize your advertising

Ensure your advertising is effective enough to convert customers.