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Marketing as a Solution to Your Business Problem

One of the things that small business owners need to identify is what business problem they’re solving. Sometimes they might want to hire a marketer because everyone else is hiring a marketer and they think that it’s something that they need for their business only because everyone’s doing it.

What kind of marketer should you hire?

When hiring a marketer, you want someone to be your guide– a  collaborative partner that will help you grow your business, not just someone who will run ads for you. In order to collaborate effectively with a marketer, you need to determine what do you need marketing services for.

You should hire a marketer who thinks of marketing as a solution to your business problem.

Don’t hire a marketer who will pitch services before they understand your business problem.

A business problem typically stems from two main issues: growing revenue, or lowering costs. If  growing revenue is your problem,  because you don’t have enough customers, then you need a marketer to help bring more customers to your website.

If your problem is to lower costs, you might need a marketer to help you identify the right kind of customer who will be more likely to make a purchase, so that you don’t waste time and effort catering to  prospects who won’t buy.

For many business owners, typical business problems revolve around the following: 

  • Not enough leads
  • Not enough sales
  • Lack of awareness about my brand
  • Visitors showing a lot of interest but not converting into a sale
  • Customers who have purchased are unsatisfied, leaving bad reviews

When these problems are unresolved, it hurts the business. It costs the business resources– time, money, effort.

Common causes of revenue loss due to business problems unaddressed by marketing:

  • Unsold inventory has a cost attached to it (warehousing, expiration,  storage, inventory management, etc).
  • Not getting enough sales from visitors might mean money down the drain from ineffective lead generation programs. 
  • Customers who did not like your product, has a negative effect on potential prospects which can lead into a loss of future sales.

The good news is, marketing help solve all of these problems!

With the right marketing strategy,  you can turn your business problem into a marketing solution. 

Business problemMarketing solution
Not enough leads Not enough salesFind an audience digitallyFocus on the right kind of visitor who is likely to buy
Lack of awareness about my brandReach people who would be interested in your brand
Visitors showing a lot of interest but not converting into a saleOptimizing your product-related content and message
Customers who have purchased are unsatisfied, leaving bad reviewsCommunicate the value of the product in a more effective way and evaluate customer expectations
Not knowing what I should do/ no informationSet up tracking mechanisms on your website and social media to get data that  will help you understand what’s going on

By identifying your business problem and translating that into how marketing can be a solution, you will ultimately connect your marketing efforts to the business– which is what all business owners should focus on.

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