Audience First Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Enables Better Customer Journeys

Is the customer journey part of your marketing strategy? 🤔

The “customer journey” is, to put simply, the process that a customer goes through before deciding to purchase a product.

In marketing, this is commonly illustrated as a funnel to show that the number of potential customers gets smaller the further down the funnel.


At the awareness stage, you are trying to reach the greatest number of relevant customers available.

Not all customers will buy your product for many different reasons. But some will.


At the consideration stage, the customers who are likely going to buy your product will continue to become interested.

However, even those who want to buy your product may face barriers in actually making a purchase.

So some will drop off from consideration to conversion, leaving you with a smaller group (but highly engaged) people who will eventually buy your product.


Your goal is to attract the highest number of potential customers and eliminate the barriers to consideration and conversion, so a sizable group of people will eventually buy you product.

You can do this through a variety of marketing tactics, but the best is through digital marketing.


Digital marketing allows you to increase your chances of success.


It allows you to define and reach your ideal target audience, test different types of messaging, optimize towards the ones performing well, and track actual purchases made as a result of your digital marketing efforts. Target, test, optimize and track. Those are the biggest benefits of digital marketing.

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